Densville APP bridges the educational gap in raising first class students.

Densville School Mobile APP is a remarkable mobile application. With the aim of bridging the educational gap between parents, teachers and the school to effectively raise first class students.

Densville School APP is reinventing school administration, teaching for teachers, learning for pupils/students and parenting for parents. With the app, parents can follow up on their wards performance in school on a daily basis with the aim of working towards a desired goal; academic excellence.
Features of the app
Timeline : This is a view that contains the summary of the online school activities such as News, Events, Facebook Feeds and Gallery
Guest view: As a guest, you are privileged to view recent activities of the school and also communicate with the school when necessary.
Chats and Messaging: Communication between parents and teachers is made easy via the chat and messaging platform. Easily connect with class teachers with a snap of a finger.
Communication Book: Close monitoring of assignments and projects as well as task given to students is followed up by the parents with the aid of the communication book which keeps them informed.
Push notifications: All users receive instant and real time notifications on all updates and information from the school.
Persistent login: The ability to keep a user logged in for as long as the user does not actively logout makes it easier to access information on the go without the hassle of constant logging in.
Multiple accounts: For users that double as teachers and parents of wards in the school, you can log into the two accounts simultaneously and switch from one to the other with just a click.
FAQ: The mobile app is equipped with carefully selected and crafted frequently asked questions to help each unique user navigate seamlessly through the app
Features for parents
Timeline for parents: This timeline contains at a glance information received from school such as Assignment Notification, Assessments Updates, Gallery picture, and recent posts from the school as well as feed from the school Facebook feed.
Parent and student profiles: Each unique user has a profile within the app
Student assessment, assignment and timetable: parents are brought closer to the learning process with access to view assessment scores and assignments of their wards. In addition the timetable helps to keep abreast of all the subjects and time taken
Check school result and extra result: with few simple steps, parents can have access to their wards term results and also midterm exam results.
Online fee payment: Payment of fees is simplified using the app to keep track of all payments and with custom printable receipts. No more long queues. Now you can pay your school fees instantly using your mobile.
Multiple wards viewing: If you have multiple students studying in our school, you can view all your wards just from one account. The view each one, you will just have to select a ward and you are switched to view that student profile 
Features for Teachers
Result computation: Computation of student results has become easier, faster and more efficient with the use of the mobile application for inputting scores
Upload of assignments and assessments: teachers are able to upload assignments and holiday projects for students and parents.
Result Summary: Commenting on student performance and behaviour is now a very simplified process with the aid of the app
My Class: As a form teacher, you have the ability to manage your class from the mobile, take attendance, make comments and perform other duties.
Easy updates on class and subject activities: teachers can update the gallery and make posts concerning their classes and activities carried out while learning.
Salary: Teachers can follow up their payments schedules and also view various changes made to their salary structures

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